Jennifer Aniston Feared Breaking The Law While Filming A Kissing Scene In ‘we’re The Millers’ (video)

Video – Jennifer Anistons We’re the Millers red band trailer Video – Jennifer Anistons We’re the Millers red band trailer This red band trailer of Jennifer Aniston s We’re the Millers will have you in splits; no kidding. Not that the previous trailers and spots of the film werent funny, but this is the best We’re the Millers video to date. The film centres on a pot dealer, played by Jason Sudeikis, who creates a fake family as a part of his plan to bring back a huge shipment of weed to the U.S. from Mexico. In the trailer, Will Poulter seems more than excited to meet his fake sister Emma Roberts, and hugs her tightly, unwilling to let her go. The trailer is full of laughable moments. When a patrolling officer stops the fake familys RV carrying the consignment, he offers to let them free only if he is bribed; by bribe he does not mean money, but pleasure. While Jason Sudeikis feels the easiest way out of this misery is to ask Jennifer Aniston to please him, the officer replies he prefers men; well, theres a reason why they say what goes around comes around. Jennifer Aniston also performs a hot and wet striptease after the family is caught by the Mexican drug lord they stole pot from. The slow-motion makes the strip even hotter, only if Anistons presence wasnt enough. BTW, while introducing us to the video, Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston dont shy away from using the F word and talking cheap… something we never mind.

Jennifer Aniston gets ‘dirty’ with Jason Sudeikis


He was underage,” Aniston said. She said that she looked into it deeply to ensure that kissing him wasn’t breaking any laws. “I thought, this is kind of illegal. But then, no, we didnt. It was just a kiss. Thats not illegal. The co-star she kissed, Will Poulter, was born in 1993 . In an interview with Access Hollywood , however, Aniston was singing a bit of a different tune. “That was my twisted idea to throw mom in there,” she admitted. “I just thought, ‘Well if they’re dysfunctional, let’s create as much dysfunctional as possible.” Poulter talked to Collider about the scene and said, “It was kind of a bizarre scene to film. We kind of just laughed our way through it. It was a very awkward day for all involved.” “We’re the Millers” is in theaters now. Tune in to “Conan” every weeknight at 11 p.m.

He likes to talk. He’s a good talker. It’s good when men are in touch with their emotional selves and are not inhibited and intimidated to show that.” Sudeikis, 37, draws attention to her unwavering politeness and professionalism. “Jen’s lovely to everybody,” he says. “I felt the same with Will Ferrell. There’s an appreciation of the team and talent that goes into all this stuff. She’s a good barometer of what needs to be better. Your bar is a lot higher. The niceness is all there, but there is also an understanding that it has to be good.” Aniston jokes that the selling point of their film was her aggressively homely mom attire. “Yes, the outfits. And I liked the whole arc of the story. We developed her and gave her a bit more of a story.