Miley Cyrus Covers Up In London After Liam Hemsworth “shocked” By Singer’s Vma Performance

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Emma Gray of The British CBT and Counseling Service in London was commissioned by music streaming service Spotify to conduct the research and focus on what type of music benefits what topics of study. According to her findings, every subject has music thats compatible with it, and that listening to the right kind can maximize focus and knowledge absorption. Classical music which has always been the typical study music genre of choice has been found to be compatible with math, causing students to do 12 percent better on their exams. So if you have a trig quiz coming up, better load up on Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Tchaikovsky, and Mozart so your mind can be in the best state for serious brainstorming and problem solving. Meanwhile, pop-rock songs like Katy Perrys Firework have been found to produce a heightened sense of excitement and creativity that can be useful for subjects like English, drama, and art. Same can probably be true for inspirational anthems like Kelly Clarksons Stronger, Jessie Js Domino, David Guettas Titanium, and Macklemore & Ryan Lewiss Cant Hold Us.What is it about popular rock music that makes it suitable for studying and how does it affect the brain? It is important that the music is in the range of 50-80 beats per minute as this can help to induce the alpha state where the mind is calm but alert, imagination stimulated and concentration heightened, a state of mind that is thought to be the best for learning, Gray explains to us. Rock music in this range may stir emotions and stimulate the right side of the brain and because of its ideology of authenticity and originality it may help to generate an atmosphere suited to students studying creative subjects. And who wouldve thought that songs like Justin Timberlakes Mirrors or Miley Cyrus We Cant Stop can encourage logical thinking and remembering new information? According to Gray, when studying subjects that require logical thinking and problem solving, it is better to choose songs that have a calming effect on the mind to aid concentration; for right-brain subjects, creativity is fostered more by tracks that reflect the feelings the student is trying to convey. Is it advisable to stick with a certain genre for a single study session (all classical, all popular), or is mixing genres better or okay? Gray tells us that music genre is the least important part of the equation the number of beats per minute is the major component, as it has the most to do with inducing the proper brain state for focus. Concentration is not limitless so it is important that the music does not divert the listeners attention away from the task but focuses towards it, so music with no lyrics or familiar lyrics is always preferable and music should always be played in the background, says Gray.

PHOTO: Miley Cyrus Continues To Flash The Flesh In Denim Hotpants

“She was caught up in the moment. That’s Miley,” a source told E! News, revealing that there wasn’t as much tongue, twerking and foam finger action from the 20-year-old during rehearsal. “People need to understand she was just having fun,” the insider added. But just because Liam didn’t give Miley’s performance two thumbs up, doesn’t mean the engaged duo is on the rocks. While the source says there has been some “tension” between the twosome recently, the insider believes the lovebirds will work past their latest rough patch. “They go through these phases and things usually work out,” the source explains. Meanwhile, Miles was spotted leaving her hotel in London Thursday, where she opted to ditch yesterday’s sheer ensemble for a large blanket (girl’s gotta stay warm!). The 20-year-old pop star, who’s been hard at work promoting her forthcoming album Bangerz, looked tired as she covered herself with a blanket over her head while carrying a pair of leopard-print PJs. PHOTOS: Miley’s best twitpics RCA Records Earlier this week, Miley made waves when she released the music video for her single “Wrecking Ball,” in which the pop star swings around on a wrecking ball completely naked. While the clip has certainly received its fair share of backlash, the video broke Vevo’s record for the most-viewed videoreceiving some 19 million views in 24 hours. Cyrus has since responded to the backlash and downplayed the in-your-face nudity to MTV News . “I think the video is much more [than that],” she said. “If people get past the point I make, and you actually look at me, you can tell I look more broken than even the song sounds.

The Wrecking Ball singer who has raised a few eyebrows with her decision to be completely naked in the video for her new song, has been travelling around Europe, landing in the UK earlier this week. Appearing to still be in the UK, Miley appeared to be in good spirits when she was pictured out with a male companion wearing the tiny hotpants with a small white crop top – which showed off her toned abs – and a denim jacket. Miley was spotted out in a double denim outfit (Splash News) But it her legs didn’t feel a chill as she opted to wear a pair of thigh high black boots. Whilst Miley has been busy during her stay in London including filming her interview on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man, it appears the star who is engaged to Australian and Hollywood hunk Liam Hemsworth, was feeling a tad lazy last night when she tweeted: “I refuse to get off this couch today.” Meanwhile, Lady Gaga has jumped the the defence of Miley during an appearance on American chat show Watch What Happens Live, Gaga where she told host Andy Cohen: “I mean, I just think everybody needs to lighten up and leave her alone. Because its pop music. Everybodys entitled to their own artistic expression, and if you have a problem with it, just change the channel, Gaga continued. Gaga – no stranger to controversy herself – argued that Cyrus’ persecution in the media and online has been unfair. I dont understand the incessant need to constantly go on and on about hating things all the time because, what, shes 20 years old? And if anything, I give her props, she told Andy Cohen. Adding: You know, shes growing up in front of the entire world and maybe shes not so happy with stuff she did in her career when she was younger and she wants to be free, so let her do what she wants.

Miley Cyrus has reveals her new controversial image was inspired by Britney Spears as her VMA foam finger makes a return on Alan Carr

Talking on Alan Carr: Chatty Man, Miley revealed that her path to indecency started way back in 2001 when Britters released her coming of age track, Im a Slave 4 U. [ Miley Cyrus covers up, well sort of ] She told the comedian: “I was obsessed with her ‘Slave 4 U’ video. “That was the first head shake I got from my dad when the video came out, as I tried to re-enact the whole film. Bad influence Britney Spears led Miley Cyrus astray. Copyright [Getty] “Britney once performed across the street from my dad’s apartment in Canada – but there was no way I was going at that point as I was always trying to re-enact everything she did.” So its all Britneys fault then. Miley Cyrus also brought her infamous foam finger from her VMA performance with Robin Thicke out of retirement when on the show. Miley Cyrus also defended her not so tame VMA performance. Copyright [Channel 4] Defending her controversial performance, which was deemed too explicit by critics, Miley argued that she and the Blurred Lines singer were never going to put on a tame show. She said: “I thought the spirit of the VMAs was missing. It was supposed to be about celebrating your video. “You knew Robin Thicke and I were not going to do the ‘Hokey Cokey’. Britney Spears impersonator Miley Cyrus with Alan Carr. Copyright [Channel 4] “It was supposed to be a silly night …