Selena Gomez Vs. Taylor Swift: Who Looks Better In Leather Shorts? – Readers Poll

But that figure could barely be seen as Selena Gomez left Nobu restauraunt in London on Monday night. The 21-year-old has been wowing the capital so far with her outfits both on and off stage. Oversized: Tiny Selena seemed to be wearing big everything on Monday night Yet it seems the singer felt like a night off as she went out to eat at the fancy Japanese restaurant with a friend. The brunette beauty’s tiny frame was swamped by an oversized grey coat and boyfriend style, pale jeans. And even underneath the coat which appeared to be several sizes too big, she wore a un-fitted white T-shirt. You could fit two of you in that! Selena looked warm in her huge coat Write caption here She clutched her handbag under her arm and wore her dark hair back in a pony tail. She also opted for huge shades despite it being night time. To give herself a little height, the singer had on black ankle boots but nothing could detract from how her clothes hanged on her. Her female companion, who she linked arms with as they left the restaurant, had very tight striped monochrome trousers on in stark contrast to Selena’s baggy jeans. Arm in arm: Selena linked arms with her red haired companion as she left the restaurant She also matched her bright red hair with a bright red scarf. The pop princess kicked off her Stars Dance Tour last month, with the Who Says singer on the road until the end of November. Selena began by wowing fans at the venue on the first night when she opened her set in a pair of tight leather hot-pants to perform tracks from her current album.

You could fit two of you in that! Selena looked warm in her huge coat

After all, the girl is young, talented, and at the top of Young Hollywood. Why does she need to be weighed down by Justin, whos often in the news for the wrong reasons? Alas, new reports state that Selena might not be as over Justin as everyone had thought. According to several sources, Selena is spitting mad about Justin sending flirty messages to Ariana Grande. Obviously, it was pretty obvious that Ariana made sure that everybody knew about those texts on purpose anyone linked to Justin immediately gets a boost in the media, which is why we imagine Selena stayed with him for so long. However, this means that Selenas still hung up on Justin, which is what the sources reiterate. They claim, Selena is still not over Justin.From what all her friends are saying, shes still majorly hung up on Justin. Although Selenas the one who was reportedly pressured into dumping Justin, she doesnt seem to have fully gotten over him if these rumors are to be believed. You cant blame the guy for moving on they were breaking up again and getting back together more times than I can count, and it would have been especially difficult for him to see her with another guy every other month. Obviously, the fault doesnt lie with just one person, but if Selena is jealous about Ariana getting texts from Justin, she shouldnt be. Shes much better off without him, and Im sure Arianas just happy to be relevant in the mainstream media. RELATED POSTS blog advertising is good for you More HOT Laundry!

Selena Gomez Jealous and Angry in Light of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s Flirtacious Encounters?

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Both ladies were photographed performing in black leather short shorts, accessorized with sheer white shirts and sparkly microphones. Whose outfit do you like better? Selena has been adopting more mature looks lately, and these leather shorts prove shes all about showing off her figure. Selena balanced the risque bottoms by covering up on top and keeping her hair natural and wavy. The best accessory of all? Her glowing smile. Taylor Swift is not one to balk at showing off a little leg, as her Red tour costumes have proved. Case in point: These sleek leather shorts! Like Selena, Taylor wore a simple white shirt with her leather bottoms. The singer carried a microphone and sported lipstick, both in her signature shade red! Whose leather shorts are you loving? Vote below!