What Jay-z And Dwight Howard Can Teach The Boston Celtics And Every Other Nba Team

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What Jay-Z and Dwight Howard Can Teach the Boston Celtics and Every Other NBA Team

So what does all of this have to do with Danny Ainge? One of the most important elements to building a basketball powerhouse in the modern NBA is to convince a big-time free agent to come to your city. Without winning the heart of a superstar player, it’s very difficult to build a championship team today. Ainge, who doesn’t have the advantage of warm winters like they do in Miami or Los Angeles or the bright lights of New York City or Chicago, needs to find a way to build the Boston Celtics brand. Yes, the Celtics are a legendary team, but the current state of the league is filled with 20-something-year-old guys who don’t care that Bill Russell and Bob Cousy used to play for Boston. Young superstars today need something to latch onto, a brand that they can take advantage of to further expand their own individual popularity. Boston, as well as most teams in the NBA, has been unable to capture this marketing strategy, and until it does, it’s only going to get harder to convince elite players to sign in non-elite cities. What can Danny Ainge learn from Dwight Howard? When Dwight Howard announced to the world over the offseason that he would be signing with the Houston Rockets , leaving the Los Angeles Lakers high and dry, few analysts were surprised. What was a bit startling, however, was just how easily Howard was able to make NBA owners like Mark Cuban and front-office leaders dance on a string like puppets, all of them seemingly willing to sell their own organs to get a chance to have “superman” on the team roster. Welcome to the new NBA.