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10 Ideas To Make Your Bedroom Comfy For Happier Pregnancy

January 13, 2020

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing phases of a woman’s life. It is scary yet full of excitement. Every woman has a different pregnancy. For some, it is easy and happy, but for others, it is extremely discomforting, and there are a lot of moments of pain. Still, every woman loves this phase of their life.

All women deserve to feel loved, pampered, and comfortable during their pregnancy. And that starts with their bedroom. When you are pregnant, you experience a lot of pain or morning sickness or swollen feet, and so on. Also, you have mood swings, and to make sure nothing affects your health, you should have a comfortable environment and positive surroundings. That is why ensure that your bedroom is comfortable and positive and these ideas will help you with that.

1. Hang Posters

Pregnant women should hang beautiful baby posters on her wall. Also, you can post happy posters like motivational quotes or lines and so on. It will make her feel positive, especially when she is experiencing extreme discomfort. Also, people say that if you look at a lot of cute babies while you are pregnant, it helps.

Use the Canva to make and print posters of your liking. It will not only enhance the décor of the room but will also encourage you every time you look at it.

2. Make Your Room Sleep Friendly

Pregnancy is not an illness, you need to be active while being pregnant. But you also need your rest. While you love sleeping in your first trimester, during your third trimester, it becomes quite difficult to sleep as sleeping on the back with a big stomach is discomforting. Thus, it is important to make your bed cozy and comfortable.
Invest in some comfortable pillows, bed sheets, and comforters. Buy some snoogle pillow or side-sleeping pillow, which will help you get a good night’s sleep.

3. Be Prepared For Those Night Or Early Morning Cravings

A pregnant woman has a lot of cravings, and she can feel hungry at any time of the day. It is best to give in to your cravings and nibble on something healthy and tasty. Now, of course you don’t want to get up in the night to go down to the kitchen to eat or make something. So, why not make a little pantry near your bed? Have a basket or a draw stack with healthy snacks like a granola bar, fox nuts, chocolates, and so on. Don’t forget to keep water handy and drink as much water as you can.

4. Add Shades

Whether you are resting in the day or want a good night’s sleep, you require the room to be silent and dark. You can add blackout shades or window blinds to make the room look darker and more comfortable to sleep in.

5. Keep Your Medicine Handy

You take a lot of vitamins and calcium during pregnancy. Make sure that you always have these tablets near your bed, preferably near your nightstand. Especially, if you experience morning sickness, keep your medicines nearby so that you can take them without fault. Also, keep another packet of medicine in your bag. It will help you take your medicine while at the office or when you are out.

6. Invest In A Diffuser

It is not easy to sleep when you are pregnant, thus get creative. Invest in a diffuser and some of your favorite essential oils. Rosemary and lavender are considered great for inducing sleep. Make sure to turn on your diffuser every night, it will make stress leave your body, and the scent of the oil will help you fall asleep. It is a trick most pregnant women try; maybe it will help you too.

7. Play Some Melodious Tunes

Relaxing is important, and music can help you relax and take your mind off things that are bothering you. Stock up your phone or MP3 player with calm and soothing tunes along with your favorite songs. Listen to them and sleep peacefully.

8. Make A Small Library In Your Room

If you love reading, then it is a great idea to create a small library in your bedroom. It will help you read your favorite books or pregnancy books while comfortably sitting in your bed.

9. Keep Hot Massage Belt Handy

Pregnancy does make you uncomfortable while sleeping, which can lead to back problems. Also, the huge weight of your stomach makes your backache. To soothe the ache, use a hot belt to massage your back when it aches badly and have a good night’s sleep.

10. Keep Comfortable Clothes Handy

Layout some comfortable and cozy clothes on a sofa or chair nearby, so that you can change into them without going through your wardrobe.

Happy Pregnancy!

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